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Research on contributors

Search for contributions to candidates or political entities authorized by the DGEQ or as part of the leadership campaign of a political party (municipal)

This search engine shows contributions of $100 or more.

We broadcast the last names, first names, postal codes and municipalities of residence of every person who made a contribution which totals $100 or more to an authorized independent candidate or a political party.

This information is derived from the financial reports of political parties and independent candidates filed with the treasurer of their municipality.

Until June 20, 2013, the total contributions that an elector could make for a calendar year was limited to $1,000 for each political party and each authorized independent candidate. On June 21, 2013, this limit was lowered to $300.

However, a candidate of an authorized party or an authorized independent candidate may pay, during the fiscal year of the election, for his benefit or that of the party for which he is a candidate, contributions that do not exceed the sum of $1,000.

Leadership campaign of a political party

The total contributions of an elector may not exceed, during the same leadership campaign, the sum of $300. A candidate can pay, for his benefit, contributions that do not exceed the sum of $1,000.