November 30, 1998 general election

October 28, 1998

Québec City, October 28, 1998 --- In preparation for the general election, Me Jacques Girard, Chief Electoral Officer of Québec, would like to point out a few rules of the Election Act concerning financing of political parties and the control of election expenses.



The total contributions made by an elector to each of the authorized parties and authorized independent candidates during a given calendar year may not exceed $3,000. Moreover, it is important to note that:

- Only electors may make contributions. These contributions must be from their own property. Companies, unions and associations are prohibited from making contributions.

- A contribution may only be made to an official representative or to any other person designated by him.

- A contribution of over $200 must be made by cheque or by another payment order signed by the elector.

- The official representative or the solicitor must issue the elector a receipt for every contribution.

Election expenses

It should also be pointed out that the official agent of a candidate is the only person who may incur or authorize election expenses.

Election expenses must be recorded beginning at midnight today and until polling stations close on polling day. For this general election, expenses are limited to $1.00 per elector for candidates in the electoral division. However, in the electoral divisions of Duplessis, Rouyn-Noranda-Témiscamingue, Saguenay and Ungava, the limit is $1.25. In the electoral division of Îles-de-la-Madeleine, it is $1.70. As for parties, they are limited to $0.50 per elector in all the electoral divisions where the party is presenting a candidate.


Authorization of independent candidates

The political parties and independent candidates must have an authorization from the Chief Electoral Officer to allow their official agents and representatives to solicit or collect contributions, contract loans or incur election expenses.

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