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Role of the DGEQ

See field: municipal, school board

Our mission is notably to ensure the holding of elections and to guarantee the full exercise of election rights.

When we oversee the application of the Election Act, we shall, among other things:

  • See to the recruitment and training of election officers.
  • Ensure the updating of the information found on the permanent list of electors and the revision of the list of electors.
  • Organize the poll and oversee its unfolding.
  • Receive complaints and make inquiry if we deem it necessary.
  • Inform electors about the provisions of the Act and its application.
  • Adapt the Act in cases of emergency or under exceptional circumstances.

As for the financing of political parties and the control of election expenses, we shall notably:

  • Authorize parties, party authorities, Members and independent candidates, and check if all of these stakeholders comply with the provisions of the Act.
  • Receive and examine financial reports and returns of election expenses.
  • Make inquiry into the legality of an authorized entity, contributions and election expenses.

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