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Role of DGEQ

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The main organization in charge of elections for each school board is the school board itself. Under the Act respecting School elections, the director general of the school board is ex officio the returning officer.

However, the Act entrusts important responsibilities to the Directeur général des élections du Québec who "may on request, provide the returning officer with any assistance he may need to perform his duties" (s. 30.3 of the ASE). We may also provide "information to the public", notably by way of our Information Centre and by disseminating publicity. In addition, we provide training on the application of the ASE to the candidates that we have authorized, as well as to returning officers. Moreover, we may, of our own initiative or at the request of a person, inquire into the application of a major portion of the ASE.

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Texts of sections 30.2 to 30.10 of the Act respecting School elections

Responsibility concerning "financing rules".

Our main responsibility concerning school elections is to oversee the application of Chapter XI of the ASE concerning the "Financing of candidates and the control of election expenses" (s. 206.2 of the ASE). This chapter of the ASE applies to all school boards in which a general election or a by-election is held.