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Voters in training

In the context of the general municipal elections, primary schools (cycle 3), secondary schools, and youth organizations are invited to hold an election simulation with their youth in which the latter can vote for actual candidates running in their municipality. This is a unique opportunity to spark the interest of young people in the election process and to hone their civic skills. 

Do young people vote like their parents? To find out, take on the Voters in Training Challenge!

You teach in a secondary school (academic and vocational streams) or primary school (cycle 3), or you work for a youth organization?

Register for Voters in Training to:

  • Receive free activity sheets, the Simulation Preparation Guide, and all the required material (ballot boxes, polling booths, ballot papers) to carry out the simulation activity;
  • Take part in the contest Voters in Training Challenge. Your school or organization could win one of the $500 awards.

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