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Voters in training

Vox populi

Client groups:

  • Primary school (cycle 3 – grades 5 and 6)
  • Secondary school (academic and vocational streams)
  • Youth organizations
  • Families

Voters in training is an effective way to get young people interested in the election process and current events as well as develop their civic skills in the context of real municipal and provincial elections. The program focused on three client groups:


Learn to vote by simulating an election!

The Schools component of this training program is aimed at primary school staff (cycle 3 – grades 5 and 6) and secondary school staff (academic and vocational streams) interested in integrating democracy education into their curriculum in an original and dynamic way.

This component offers educational activities as part of the Québec Education Program. The highlight of the program is the holding in class or in the educational institution of a simulated election during an actual provincial or municipal election.

Youth organizations

Experience democracy at work with an election simulation!

The Youth organizations component is aimed at youth organization staff wishing to treat the young people they serve to a unique hands-on experience in democracy.

This component offers awareness workshops in which young people learn the importance of the role they will be called upon to play as citizens in society. They will have the opportunity to hold an election simulation during a real provincial or municipal election!

Polling stations

Democracy for the family!

The Polling stations component takes place in polling days during provincial elections. On polling day, a polling station will be specially set up for children who accompany their parents. Children can fill out a ballot and gain a clearer understanding of how democracy works.

Développé et piloté par le Forum jeunesse de l’île de Montréal entre 2001 et 2014, Électeurs en herbe est coordonné depuis 2015 par le Directeur général des élections du Québec. Il est offert gratuitement partout au Québec, autant en français qu’en anglais (sous l’appellation Voters in Training).

2017 Municipal elections: Participate in an election simulation!

Do you teach in a secondary school (academic or vocational stream) or primary school (cycle 3 – grades 5 and 6)? Or work in a youth organization?

The general municipal elections in fall 2017 are a unique opportunity to spark the interest of young people in the election process and allow them to hone their civic skills. This fall, why not let them participate in an election simulation!

Voters in training offers a three-step educational experience:

  • Preparing for the vote with turnkey activities and workshops.
  • Experiencing a simulated election in which young people have the opportunity to vote for actual candidates running for election in their municipality!
  • Continuing to engage by discussing with youth the results of the simulation carried out in their school setting or their youth organization and by comparing these results with the results of the real election. Young participants can also discover more ways to continue with their civic involvement!

You can register starting August 15, 2017. You will receive free guides for the simulation coordinator, educational activity sheets and Web access for dissemination of the simulation results.