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Vox populi : Ta démocratie à l'école!

Vox populi
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Student councils are the ideal way to learn democracy in schools, because their mandate is to represent all students in the school and to be their link with the administration.

The program Vox populi, ta démocratie à l’école! (vox populi means “voice of the people”) proposes a model that fits all school realities.

Registration must be done annually and allows to receive free of charge:

Schools should commit to these principles:

  • councils composed of students elected by their peers;
  • decisions made democratically by the student council gathered in an assembly; and
  • decisions by the student council approved by the school administration (lieutenant governor) and then duly implemented.

Each year ends with a recognition activity at the National Assembly of Québec to highlight the noteworthy projects by school councils registered in the program. Watch the video of the recognition activity which took place May 27, 2016.