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What is it?

Voters in Training is a free civic education program that aims at introducing young people to the exercise of their right to vote and to teach them about how our democratic institutions function. The program is three-fold:

  • Schools: for students in secondary school (academic and vocational streams) and primary school (cycle 3);
  • Youth organizations: for young people under 17 years of age who do not necessarily follow the path through the education system;
  • Polling stations: for children who accompany their parents during the polling days of the provincial elections.

Coordinated since 2015 by the Directeur général des élections du Québec, Voters in Training is offered for free throughout Québec, in both English and French (Électeurs en herbein French). The program was developed and steered by the Forum jeunesse de l’île de Montréal from 2001 to 2014.

Registration In the Schools and Youth Organizations Components Is Under Way

In the context of the upcoming municipal general elections, the “Schools” and “Youth Organizations” components provide an opportunity for young people to have a unique, real-life experience of democracy by conducting an election simulation. School administrators and youth organization directors have until October 6 to register.