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Educational resources

Élections Québec offers a broad range of educational resources that teach and explain the various aspects of democracy.

Are you an elementary or secondary school teacher and want to introduce the concepts of democracy in your classroom? Would you like to introduce our democratic institutions to young people or adults? Are you a parent looking to have fun with your family while teaching them about the principles of democracy? Here’s a list of educational resources that are available to meet your needs.

If you have any comments on a resource, or would like to suggest ideas for democracy-related activities, please contact the Democracy education department by email or share your experiences on Facebook.

Which election?

An educational resource on voting eligibility criteria, what each of the three levels of government is responsible for and the different electoral maps. Includes a teacher’s guide and two short intro videos on the various themes.

Type: Educational activity book

What is my involvement profile?

Activity on the various forms of engagement. This activity includes a questionnaire so participants can explore their engagement profile.

Type: Educational activity

The art of making a democratic decision

Practical exercise involving a scenario where participants can experiment, as a team, with the art of making a democratic decision.

Type: Educational activity

A close look at democracy

Crossword puzzle on vocabulary related to our democratic system.

Type: Practical exercise

Find the word

An activity that introduces participants to the words used during an election day and challenges them to connect each word with its definition.

Type: Practical exercise

Who does what?

Activity that introduces participants to the different levels of government and their respective roles. The participants must match the various responsibilities to the corresponding level of government.

Type: Educational activity

Levels game

Activity that introduces participants to the different levels of government and their respective roles. Participants must match the various levels of government to their respective jurisdiction.

Type: Educational activity