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Citizen round table

Interview with Adam Samson


"Having already been an election worker several times and having volunteered on various campaigns, I am very familiar with how electoral campaigns work. As I’ve gotten involved in my community, young peoples’ political role and interests have always been at the heart of my concerns. For me, being a member of the Citizen round table will be an opportunity to share a young vision and to bring my experience to the discussions with the other members."

Adam Samson

Adam Samson
Age group: 18-24

Why did you choose to be a member of the Citizen round table?

“Because I’ve always been interested in the democratic process, but I always felt a bit removed from it. It was a way for me, as a citizen, to feel more engaged, to better understand the process, and to maybe have it reflect my views to a certain extent, and the way I think they should be. And making them more “citizen-oriented”.”

Among the issues that you discussed on the Citizen round table, which did you find the most interesting?

“Cynicism among young people, obviously, because I’m still young. And because that’s where I’m coming from: I was a bit cynical as a youth. Also the protection of personal information, because it’s something I deal with in my work environment. This is of special interest to me, because I’m afraid of political parties being able to “micro-target” people and making election promises specially tailored to these “micro-targets”.”

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