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Citizen round table

Interview with Frédérique Boucher


"For me, joining the Citizen round table was a natural step since I’m already deeply involved in student affairs at my CEGEP and I was introduced to politics at a very young age by my parents. I’d really like to encourage young people to get more politically involved."

Frédérique Boucher

Frédérique Boucher
Age group: 18-24

Why did you want to be a member of the Citizen round table?

“To start with, it was a way for me to bring my voice to an institution and to a process that I consider very important. It also gave me the chance to get more involved in the logistical and administrative aspects of our electoral system, something I have never before had the opportunity to do. I think that’s what first motivated my applying to be on the Table.”

Among the issues that you discussed on the Citizen round table, which did you find the most interesting?

“I’m very interested in everything to do with personal information and information management. It relates to my area of study and corresponds to my values. Confidentiality is definitely something closely connected with elections. Beyond that, I’m interested in representation for minorities and women. I’m interested in citizen education, as well, and in ways to foster greater participation and the quality of the youth vote.”

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