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Citizen round table

Interview with Marie-Hélène Lyonnais


"Being part of this committee is an opportunity for me to restore trust among people in my social circle by showing them that it is possible to play a central role in the changes that we want to see happen in our society. Thanks to my involvement with student associations and the school referendum process, I’ve been privileged to have my confidence in our democratic process revived."

Marie-Hélène Lyonnais

Marie-Hélène Lyonnais
Age group: 18-24

Why did you choose to be a member of the Citizen round table?

“I chose to be a member of the Citizen round table because I wanted to take part in discussions about electoral reform, such as how to bring the election system more up to date technology-wise and make it more accessible. Truly, modern concerns. Making it universal, more accessible, and having people who are representative of the population, as well. So they can have access to institutions and be part of the discussion. Of course, I am especially interested in the involvement of women in politics and in democracy in general. For me, having a voice at this table is a way to put forward these issues.”

What are you left with following your experience as a member of the Citizen round table?

“I’m left with knowing there is a wider diversity of opinions than I thought on certain issues. I saw this, for example, when I saw my own opinions change from before meeting the other members of the Table. For example, I thought I was completely in favour of online voting. Our discussions, however, opened my eyes to privacy concerns and risks that I was not aware of prior to being on the Table with people having different experiences and perspectives. Otherwise, what I’m left with is knowing there’s truly a place for citizen initiatives in electoral change. Élections Québec is very open to our proposals.”

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