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Strategic plans


Our 2019-2023 strategic plans outline our roadmap for this period. They are the result of a reflection process led by our various staff teams.

Élections Québec

Élections Québec is a neutral and independent institution whose mission is to ensure the integrity, transparency, and reliability of elections and promote Québec’s democratic values.

Three main areas of focus will guide our work from 2019 to 2023:

  • Exercising our leadership to increase voter turnout and foster democratic culture
  • Improving the electoral process for the benefit of electors and all stakeholders
  • Focusing on creating a dynamic and engaging work environment

Commission de la représentation électorale

The Commission de la représentation électorale is an independent institution whose mission is to draw up the electoral map of Québec (and, where necessary, those of municipalities and the English-language school boards) by promoting public consultation and ensuring fair and equitable representation.

One major area of focus is essential to us during this period:

  • Ensuring the fair and equitable representation of electors

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