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Understanding voting

Persons allowed on polling station premises


The Election Act regulates the presence of certain persons on the premises of a polling station. Voters should not be pressured or influenced when they go to vote.

The premises of a polling station include the polling location, i.e., the building where the polling station is located, and any neighbouring sites from which electors might see a sign or partisan publicity.

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  • A candidate can appear at a polling location to exercise their right to vote.
  • A candidate can attend all voting activities or appoint a representative (with a proxy) to do so.
  • A candidate cannot greet voters, approach them, shake their hand, or state their name or the party for which they are running on polling station premises.
  • A candidate cannot go to a polling station while an elector is voting.
  • A candidate cannot encourage electors to vote for them on polling station premises.

Mandataries of a candidate

On polling day, a candidate’s mandataries will not be admitted to a polling location.

Press agents

Press agents are not permitted to take pictures of their candidate while voting.


Inside the polling location

Authorized persons (journalists, news networks, etc.) can:

  • Shoot in silent mode
  • Film a candidate voting
  • Film or take photos (long shots) of electors waiting to vote or actually voting

They cannot:

  • Film or take photos of one elector voting
  • Turn the camera on a specific elector without having obtained their consent
  • Ask electors for whom they voted
  • Conduct interviews

Outside the polling location

Authorized persons (journalists, news networks, etc.) can:

  • Film or take photos of electors entering and leaving the polling location
  • Record coverage and broadcast live

They cannot:

  • Request interviews with voters
  • Ask electors for whom they voted (even off camera)
  • Record an interview with a candidate or a person associated with a political party

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