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Accessibility committee

Conduct expected of members

This section sets out the conduct expected of the Accessibility Committee members in the performance of their duties. The guidelines presented in this section alone cannot detail all appropriate and inappropriate behaviours. Each member is responsible for performing his or her duties with discernment and honesty.


The members of this working group must treat each other, the institution and everyone with whom they are called upon to interact with consideration and respect. They must work in a spirit of collaboration with each other and be good listeners and open-minded, so that all members can express themselves freely. The members respect the freedom of speech and ideas of their colleagues.


The members perform their work on the Committee to the best of their knowledge, skills and ability. They prepare seriously and diligently for meetings and read the documents provided. They demonstrate curiosity and strive to provide thoughtful, knowledge-based opinions. Last, the members attend the meetings regularly and participate actively in the work of the Committee.


The members are politically neutral when performing their work on the Committee. They avoid partisanship and act on their own behalf independently of any political party. In addition, they make proposals and recommendations consistent with the impartiality of Élections Québec and in the interest of all electors, without discrimination.

Throughout their term, the members exercise discernment in their public expression of political opinions that could affect the perception that citizens have of the Committee. The members are asked to consult us when in doubt.


The members honour their commitments and fulfill their duty toward their colleagues and Élections Québec to ensure the collaboration of all and the effectiveness of the work.

The members must not disclose any information or document provided or verbally discussed in the context of the work of the Committee, except when otherwise specified by Élections Québec. This applies both during and after their term on the Committee.

In order to promote open and frank discussions, what members say during meetings remains anonymous. Hence, whenever talking about the Accessibility Committee and its work, the members will refrain from attributing comments or opinions to a specific member, both during and after their term.

The members do not take positions publicly on behalf of Élections Québec and must act in their own name only.


The members act fairly and honestly. They ensure that their decisions and recommendations are made in the public interest. They avoid putting themselves in situations where they could become beholden to someone who could exert undue influence on them in the performance of their duties.

The members must not act in such a way as to obtain an unfair advantage for themselves or a third party as a result of their duties or any information to which they may be privy in the course of their duties, either during or following their term on the Committee.

The members must avoid putting themselves in situations where there is a potential conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest. They must complete and sign the form Déclaration relative aux conflits d’intérêts (in French only) at the start of their term on the Committee and must ensure that such declaration remains up-to-date throughout their term. Accordingly, the members must advise us in a timely manner of any new conflict of interest or appearance of a conflict of interest that may arise and sign an amended declaration to this effect. Depending on the nature of the conflict of interest, we will determine whether it is appropriate to exclude the member in question temporarily from the discussions of the Committee or necessary to end the member’s term.