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Accessibility committee


Picture of the members of the Accessibility Committee
1st row: Simon April. 2nd row: Louise Bourgeois, Marie-Ève Veilleux, Maude Massicotte, Martin Juneau. 3rd row: Jean-Michel Bernier, Jean-François Blanchet, Anne Pelletier, Louis Belleau, Frances Champigny, Pierre Reid.

Testimonials from the nine members of the Accessibility Committee:

Simon April
“Thanks to my personal and professional experience, I've developed in-depth expertise in the area of universal accessibility. So I think I have lots to offer when it comes to fostering voting accessibility for persons with disabilities in Québec.”
Louis Belleau
“I’m someone who loves to keep abreast of today’s different political issues. I believe that it is very important for people to have access to information and to be able to vote.”
Jean-Michel Bernier
“Today, my experience allows me to come up with unifying observations and avenues of reflection that enable the various stakeholders to participate in discussions that focus on finding innovative solutions.”
Louise Bourgeois
“Throughout my involvement, exercising the right to citizenship in all its forms has become my key focus.”
“I reiterate the International Disability Alliance’s motto: ‘Nothing about us, without us.’”
Frances Champigny
“Having raised awareness locally, I am ready to take on this new challenge: promoting accessibility to our electoral system in Québec for all people with disabilities.”
Martin Juneau
“I would like to help this committee find solutions so that all Québecers who are entitled to or able to vote can fully and equally exercise this right, which is fundamental to democracy.”
Maude Massicotte
“My extensive life and work experience has given me a good grasp of the concept of universal accessibility and the inclusion of persons with functional limitations in society.”
Anne Pelletier
“For many years, I have been personally and professionally involved in the promotion and implementation of universal accessibility in order to remove barriers and encourage the social participation of people with disabilities.”
Marie-Ève Veilleux
“Years of involvement have given me good insight into accessibility and inclusion, and a good understanding of concepts such as ableism and the oppression people with disabilities face. As a result, this knowledge and understanding are all reflected in my thoughts.”