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Permanent board of revisors of the list of electors of Québec


Created in October 1999, the Permanent board of revisors assists us in updating the permanent list of electors.

Its mandate consists of examining cases that we submit to it concerning problems noted in the updating of the permanent list of electors.

The Board has the authority to verify the information pertaining to persons entered on the permanent list of electors, make inquiries and, if necessary, summon witnesses. It must ensure that any person who could be affected by one of its decisions may express his views.


The Board is composed of three members, with a chair selected and appointed by the Chief Electoral Officer. The other two members are appointed by the Chief Electoral Officer from lists sent by the leaders of the two political parties that finished first and second during the preceding general election.

This group is assisted by the representatives agreed to by the other parties who have seats in the National Assembly. However, only the chair and the members have the right to vote.

A new board was formed following the October 1, 2018 general elections. Ms. Hélène Giroux is the chairman. Ms. Diane Larose is the delegate for the Parti libéral du Québec/Québec Liberal Party, Ms. Lucie Charbonneau for Québec solidaire, Ms. Nicole Bouffard-Madore for the Coalition avenir Québec - L'équipe François Legault and Mr. Pierre Maheux for the Parti québécois.

The work of the Board began on April 8, 2019.


Normally, the Board sits on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. In the case of a general election, it is dissolved and must be reconstituted in the six months following the election. In the case of municipal elections, school elections and referendums, the Board's work is simply suspended for the duration of the poll.

To support the board members in their tasks, the Chief Electoral Officer puts at their disposal the staff required to carry out their duties. This takes the form of a secretariat of the Commission permanente de révision.