Development opportunities

The DGEQ provides many opportunities for professional development. Many people have forged rich professional carriers reaching the very pinnacle of their ambitions.

Enriching our personnel's carriers has been encouraged through various measures:

Induction program and integration of new personnel

Welcoming new employees is a challenging step in the integration process and this is well understood at the DGEQ. Our induction program helps new personnel rapidly acquire the independence needed to integrate into their new work environment while also helping to develop a sense of belonging within the institution.

Training activities

Every year, the development needs of all personnel are identified so that their level of expertise can be developed and maintained. At the DGEQ, training is accessible and encouraged!

The ongoing development of managers at the DGEQ is a major focus. For many years they have benefitted from a specific plan that allows them to develop and update their management skills. Thus, they receive the support and the tools that they need to promote a quality environment for all of their employees.

Program to help with studies

In addition to financial assistance, which covers all registration costs and 75% of textbooks, leave can be given to those who wish to pursue college or university training. The goal of this program is to help support staff members with their professional development.

Inter-unit mutual assistance

An inter-unit support program and support bank to encourage versatility within the institution, while fostering the development of a supportive atmosphere at work are available.