A career with us

The benefits we offer


Stimulating work environment

We have distinguished ourselves through our excellent retention levels, our employees' strong sense of belonging towards the institution and by our employees' conviviality towards each other. The general election periods are considered the cumulative point of our work after months of preparation. The excitement, nervousness and tension are at a peak during the "33-day countdown" (election calendar) of intense activities and lead us to experience incomparable moments.

Non-unionized work environment

The institution's personnel are not unionized but they enjoy the same work conditions and benefits as other members of the public service.

Performance bonus

We have an exceptional performance policy in the form of a bonus. The main objective of this policy is to recognize staff members as major players in the success of the institution. Since the institution's personnel are not unionized, this performance bonus policy applies to all employment categories at Élections Québec.

Public Transit

In an effort to promote environmentally friendly means of transport and facilitate travel, Élections Québec offers its staff the opportunity to join “L’abonne BUS” program. This offers many advantages including a 10% reduction on the cost of a monthly pass.

Work-life balance

  • A 35-hour work week
  • Flexitime available for most employees
  • A flexible working hours' policy
  • Holidays linked to life events and family responsibilities such as generous maternity and parental leave
  • A minimum of 20 days of annual leave

Attractive salaries and benefits (In French only)

Easy access

Our offices are in Ste-Foy, less than 5 minutes from the bridges and near the highways, making our offices easily accessible.

Active social club

Our social club has been holding events for more than 30 years and the majority of staff are members. Its membership dues are very affordable and its most popular activities are unbeatable. Will you be our next golf champion?