A career with us

What happens between elections?

Democracy keeps us busy at all times! Élections Québec also provides the following services:

  • Providing assistance and training to facilitate the organization and holding of municipal and school elections
  • Informing the general public through our information centre and advertising campaigns
  • Managing permanent lists of electors for elections and referendums at every level of government
  • Issuing authorizations for political parties and independent candidates to collect contributions, incur election expenses and contract loans
  • Keeping a register of authorized political entities
  • Training the official agents and representatives of political parties on political financing rules and auditing their annual financial reports and election expenses
  • Carrying out inquiries related to the enforcement of election laws and prosecuting offences
  • Conducting studies and evaluations of the election process and political party financing in order to maintain cutting-edge expertise in elections
  • Maintaining a strategic intelligence network
  • Maintaining a very active role in the international arena by sharing our election expertise with countries and organizations that promote democracy and personal well-being
  • Serving as the general secretariat of the Réseau des compétences électorales francophones (RECEF), which is headquartered in Québec City
  • Presidency of the Commission de la représentation électorale, the body responsible for drawing up the provincial electoral map

Democracy education

The promotion of democratic values is one of our core objectives. Élections Québec devotes considerable effort to educating Québec’s youth and newcomers about the political system and the basic issues of democratic life. To achieve these objectives, we create websites, publications, exhibitions and pedagogical activities.