The creation of the Cogel International Fund (CIF) followed the holding in Québec City of the annual conference of Cogel in 1987. This conference had generated profits and the Directeur général des élections du Québec took steps to set up a fund to facilitate the participation of international speakers. (list of speakers invited by the fund).

The fund finally came into existence at the end of 1991. It is legally constituted, has its own by-laws, its head office is located in Québec City and the fund is deposited in a Québec financial institution. Ever since the creation of the fund, the Chief Electoral Officer of Québec has been its president.

The main activity of the fund consists of using the interest generated by the investment of the principal to offset the transportation and accommodation expenses of one or more international speakers at Cogel’s annual conference. The balance sheet is also tabled at this conference, along with a written report.