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Allowance to political parties

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The authorized political parties of any municipality of 20,000 or more who have obtained at least 1% of the votes in the last general election are now entitled to an annual allowance paid to them in accordance with section 449.1 of the Act respecting elections and referendums in municipalities. It shall be distributed in proportion to the percentage of valid votes obtained by each of them in the last general elections.

This allowance is paid monthly by the treasurer to the official representative of the authorized party, on production of supporting documents. It is intended to reimburse the expenses incurred and paid for the day-to-day administration of an authorized party, for the diffusion of the political program of that party, and for the political action of its members. Election expenses, interest expenses and capital payments of a loan whose proceeds were paid into the election fund cannot justify the payment of the allowance.

The allowance is indexed on January 1 of each year according to the change in the average consumer price index for the previous year.