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Research on contributors (less than 5,000 inh.)

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The Act respecting elections and referendums in municipalities stipulates that anyone who stands as a candidate during an election for the position of a member of a municipal council to which Divisions II to IX of Chapter XIII do not apply must provide the treasurer of that municipality the list of people who gave him, to support his election, one or more donations the total of which is $100 or more.

Just as with contributions to political parties, contributions to authorized independent candidates and MNAs at the provincial level which are equal to $100 or more to promote the election of a candidate will result in the DGEQ publishing the first name, family name, postal code, and the name of the municipality of those donors on its website.

To find out more about these donors, please use the following search engine.

Please be aware that the data will be available from the end of February.

Financing and election expenses (Less than 5,000 inh.)