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Use of the permanent list of electors by municipalities and RCMs whose warden is elected by universal suffrage

Since June 1, 1997, municipalities have been under the legal obligation to use municipal lists of electors or referendum lists produced from the permanent list of electors (PLE). In addition, under an amendment made in 2001 to the Act respecting municipal territorial organization, a warden of a regional county municipality (RCM) can be elected by universal suffrage, provided that the council of the RCM has passed a by-law for this purpose. The provisions of the Act respecting elections and referendums in municipalities apply to this election, with a few adaptations, where necessary.

Updating of the territory

The returning officers of the municipalities in which elections were held in November 2013 received the list of thoroughfares to enable them to check and correct, where applicable, the names of the streets. These corrections, as well as the description of the electoral territories (districts or wards), were provided to us to allow us to incorporate this information in the territory file of the permanent list of electors.

Production of the list of domiciled electors

Another step consists of requesting, in writing, the list of domiciled electors. For this purpose, the returning officers of the local municipalities and of the RCMs concerned must complete the form that we sent them. This form allows the returning officers to indicate the preferred medium for the production of the list of domiciled electors: either on paper or in the form of a computer file. Beginning in mid-September 2013, the official version of the list of domiciled electors was sent to each returning officer on the chosen medium and are based on the territorial description that had been submitted by him previously.

Updating of the PLE

The permanent list of electors is also updated on the basis of the changes made during the municipal list of electors revision period. The returning officer sent these changes to us in accordance with the terms and conditions that we determine, not later than November 22, 2013.