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Provincial electoral list

Since the establishment on June 1, 1997, of the permanent list of electors, the list of electors to be used to hold an election or a referendum in Québec must be produced from the permanent list of electors.

Updating of the territory

When required by us, the returning officers validate the delimitation of the polling subdivisions and the electoral precincts made by our specialized services. Afterwards, these data are integrated in the territories file of the permanent list of electors.

Production of the list of electors

At the start of an election or referendum period, we send the returning officer the list of electors, based on the territorial description of his electoral division.

Updating of the permanent list of electors

A few days after the holding of a provincial poll, the returning officer sends us the changes made during the provincial list of electors revision periods. These changes to the 125 electoral divisions are then integrated in the permanent list of electors.