Communiqué No. 5 – By-election of December 5, 2011 in Bonaventure - The electors of Bonaventure are invited to ensure that they are registered on the list of electors

November 15, 2011


Quebec City, November 15, 2011 – The Chief Electoral Officer of Québec, Jacques Drouin,  invites the electors of the electoral division of Bonaventure to make sure that their names appear on the list of electors in order that they may exercise their right to vote in the upcoming by-election of December 5, 2011. Revision of the list of electors is carried out from November 14 to 22, 2011, and will be followed by a special revision period that will last until December 1, 2011.
“What may seem to be a bit of a technical formality is actually very important indeed, since an elector whose name is not on the list of electors of his or her polling subdivision quite simply does not have the right to vote. And if inaccurate information is noticed on polling day, it may be difficult for the elector to vote. So electors should make sure that they are on the list of electors and that the information about them, as it appears on the list, is exact,” points out Mr. Drouin.
Based on the experiences of previous elections, it may be predicted that most modifications will be made by those who have moved and who have not forwarded their change of address to the Chief Electoral Officer of Québec. New registrations are normally the second most important reason for changes to the list of electors.
Distributing over 19,000 elector notices
The best way for electors to check the information concerning them as it appears on the list of electors is by carefully looking at the elector notice distributed to every address in the electoral division. Some 19,789 such notices were distributed in Bonaventure last week.
Most importantly, the notice indicates the name of every elector living at the same address, or if applicable, it points out that no registered elector is living there. In addition to the name(s) of the registered elector(s) indicated, special attention must be paid to other important information, in particular the address listed therein.
Other very important information is to be found on the back of the notice, including the dates, times and place where an elector can go for purposes of revision.
The opening hours and telephone number of the office of the returning officer in the electoral division are also provided, as is information concerning advance polling.
Moreover, along with the notice, electors have received an elector’s manual providing various pieces of information concerning the current by-election process.
Boards of revisors that are accessible and easy to find
Electors may apply for registration on, or correction of, the list of electors, or ask to be struck off the list, by appearing before a board of revisors established by the returning officer. As well as providing electors with the addresses of the boards of revisors on the notice sent to them, the Chief Electoral Officer publishes a list of the boards’ addresses in the two weekly newspapers of the electoral division. Electors can also ensure that they are registered on the list of electors and find the address of their board of revisors by visiting the website of the Chief Electoral Officer at In the window set aside for this purpose on the home page, electors are asked to enter their postal code and the street number of their domicile in order to access the information that they require. They can also obtain this information by contacting the Information Centre at 1-888-ELECTION (1-888-353-2846).
The first period of revision of the list of electors is scheduled from November 14 to 22, 2011. Special revision will take place from November 23 to December 1. Opening hours for the boards of revisors are from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Mondays to Fridays, and from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays, except on the last day, when the boards will close at 2:00 p.m.
Electors may file an application on their own behalf, or a spouse, relative or person living with them may do so for them. However, the special board of revisors will only accept applications from electors appearing before them, and not, for example, applications on behalf of family members. Applications for registration must be accompanied by two identity documents, including one mentioning the elector’s full name and date of birth, and the other, his or her surname and domiciliary address.
Mobile revision
A mobile board of revisors will visit certain towns and villages of the electoral division. The returning officer will inform electors as to the date and time when the board will receive them. Mobile boards of revisors will also go to certain residential facilities (health-care facilities and residences for the elderly). This revision will be done “ex offcio” or “on demand,” depending on the type of facility involved. In cases where the mobile revision is carried out “on demand,” i.e. at hospital centres, rehabilitation centres, long-term housing and care facilities (CHSLDs), and residences for the elderly with fewer than 50 residents, the application must be filed with the office of the returning officer by November 22, 2011 at the latest.
Domiciliary revision procedures are in place for electors unable to move about for reasons of health. More information concerning these procedures is available from the office of the returning officer.
For more information concerning the revision of the list of electors or for any other question with respect to the December 5 by-election, please feel free to consult the section entitled “By-election” on the website of the Chief Electoral Officer atwww.monvote.qc, or contact the Information Centre at
418- 528-0422 – for the Quebec City region
1- 888-ELECTION (1- 888- 353-2846) – all other regions
418- 646-0644 or 1-800- 537-0644 – ATS
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