Press Release no. 2 – April 7, 2014 general election - Numerous sources of information to keep you fully informed about the general election

March 5, 2014

Québec, March 5, 2014 –– Jacques Drouin, Chief Electoral Officer of Québec, would like to remind electors and media representatives that numerous sources of information are available to follow the evolution of the election period that is beginning tomorrow, in preparation for the April 7 general election. It will be possible to learn more about the major stages of the election process, the rules governing the election or financing, the characteristics of electoral divisions and data on past elections by visiting the Website of the Chief Electoral Officer, the Information Centre or the press relations office. Notices distributed to every home as well as advertising in the various media outlets are also means allowing electors to obtain information.


For electors: the Information Centre


Would you like to check your entry on the list of electors? Would you like to know where to vote?  In addition to checking the notice of entry or the reminder card, it is possible to obtain a wealth of information on a variety of topics by contacting the Information Centre of the Chief Electoral Officer. The Centre is open from9 a.m.to9 p.m.on weekdays and from9 a.m.to5 p.m.on weekends.  These extended hours will take effect starting tomorrow, March 6 and will continue throughout the election period. All requests for documents can also be addressed to the Information Centre.


To reach the information Centre: 


By telephone:       418-528-0422 –QuébecCityregion

                              1 888 ELECTION (1 888 353-2846) – outsideQuébecCity

                              1 800 537-0644 (for the hearing impaired)





For everyone: the Website of the Chief Electoral Officer


Electors and journalists will be able to obtain all of the information as the election period unfolds by consulting the Website of the Chief Electoral Officer.


On the Website (, all relevant information is found in a special section devoted to the general election. The information is presented in complete, easy-to-consult sections. This information showcase will go on-line today and will be updated regularly throughout the election period.  Journalists should note that a special subsection intended for the media is also available on-line. The Website can also be consulted from a smart phone or a tablet computer.


It will be possible to consult the election calendar and press releases, find out the name of returning officers and the address of their office, and obtain certain information on electoral divisions, such as the number of electors and the electoral map on the Website.


Other information will be added over the course of the election period. In addition to the list of candidates, electors can locate the revision office and polling station to which they are assigned, by simply entering the postal code and civic number of their domicile in the spaces provided. It will also be possible to check whether a name is correctly entered on the list of electors or to apply on-line for a job as an election officer in each of the electoral divisions. Finally, it will be easier for the electors who are temporarily absent from Québec to register to vote by mail due to new interactive pages accessible on the Website.


Media services


Media representatives who would like to obtain information can contact the media services of the Chief Electoral Officer by calling the phone numbers of the media line: 418-644-3320 or 1-888-870-3320.


From tomorrow and during the election period, the media relations team will answer calls from the media seven days a week, from9:00 a.m.to9:00 p.m., Monday to Friday and from9:00 a.m.to5:00 p.m.on Saturdays and Sundays.


Regarding the election evening, on April 7, media interested to connect themselves to the Chief Electoral Officer’s data concerning the results are invited to contact Mrs Geneviève Pelletier at the media relations (


Elections Québec on social media


Once again, Elections Québec will be in contact with the electors notably on a Facebook page or a Twitter account. Access is possible on the home page of the Website.



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