Press release no. 9 – April 7, 2014 general election - The voter information card: an important source of information for electors

March 9, 2014

Québec,March 9, 2014–– In preparation for the upcoming April 7 general election, Jacques Drouin, Chief Electoral Officer, wishes to remind electors that the voter information card, which will be distributed to their domicile this week, is an important source of information. Not only does this notice allow electors to check whether their name is correctly entered on the list of electors, it also provides them with information concerning the place where they can register, make corrections, or have a person struck from the list. Over the next few days, around 3,900,000 notices will be distributed to as many addresses, all across Québec.


"Unlike at the federal level, it will not be possible to register on the list of electors on polling day, April 7," recalled Mr. Drouin. "It is therefore important to be sure -that your name is registered on the list and that the information about you is accurate," pointed out the Chief Electoral Officer. Québec’s Election Act is clear on the following point: an elector whose name is not registered on the list of electors will not be able to exercise his right to vote.


Another way of checking if you are registered on the list of electors is to use the search engine available on the Website dedicated to the general election, namely: On the homepage, simply give the required information under the question “Am I registered?” You can also call the Information Centre of the Chief Electoral Officer at the following number: 1 888 ÉLECTION (1 888 353-2846).


The first period for revising the list of electors begins Monday, March 17, and marks an important step among those leading up to the April 7 election. During the last general election, in 2012, more than 139,000 changes were made to the list of electors during the revision and the special revision, i.e. 76 073 new registrations, 56,048 strikings and 6,919 corrections.


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