Press release no. 11 – Avril 7, 2014 general election - The important task of revising the list of electors begins in Québec

March 16, 2014

Québec, March 16, 2014 – Mr. Jacques Drouin, Chief Electoral Officer of Québec, considers wishes to inform Québec’s electors that the important task of revising the list of electors, an essential step in every general election, begins tomorrow, March 17, in preparation of the upcoming April 7 vote. In the last general election, in September 2012, more than 139 000 changes on the list of electors were made. Based on the experience of past elections, the greatest number of changes will likely be made by people who have moved and whose change of address has not been sent yet to the Chief Electoral Officer. The 2nd main reason for changes will be new entries. A first "revision operation" will be held from March 17 to 25 in the 125 electoral divisions of Québec. Afterwards, a special revision period, from March 26 to April 3 at2 p.m., will give those people who have not gone before a board of revisors a last opportunity to update the information concerning them.

“Every election, electors who want to vote can’t do it because they are not registered on the list of electors”, pointed out Mr. Drouin. It is crucial to remember that an elector whose name does not appear on the list of electors in his polling subdivision does not have the right to vote.  The presence of inaccurate information on the list of electors can also lead to difficulties during voting. “That is why it is important to check that you are correctly entered and to make sure that the information concerning you on the list of electors is accurate," emphasized Mr. Drouin.

Distribution of more than 4 million notices to the elector

It is mainly by consulting the voter information card which has been mailed to each address of Québec, that electors can check the information concerning them and appearing on the list. More than 4 million of these cards are being distributed all across Québec.

First, the notice indicates the names of all of the electors registered on the list of electors at the same address or, as the case may be, indicates that no elector is registered there.

The back side of this notice also contains other important information. It mentions the dates, times and place where the elector can go for the revision.

In addition, information on advance polling as well as the hours of operation and telephone number of the office of the returning officer of the electoral division are mentioned there.

Moreover, electors may find appended to the information card, the Voter’s Manual, which contains a wealth of information on the general election.

Accessible and easy-to-find boards of revisions

It is by going before a board of revisors set up by the returning officer that a person can apply for entry on, correction to or striking off the list of electors. In addition to informing the elector of the addresses of the boards of revisors on the notice of entry, the Chief Electoral Officer publishes the list of the addresses of the boards of revisors for each electoral division in newspapers. Furthermore, you can check your registration and find the address of your board of revisors by consulting the Website of the Chief Electoral Officer at the following address: In the appropriate window on the home page, under the title “Where and when to vote” simply enter the postal code and address number of your domicile, in addition of your name and date of birth at the appropriate spot. This information may also be obtained by contacting the Information Centre at 1 888 ÉLECTION (1 888 353-2846).

The hours of operation of the boards of revisors are as follows: from9 a.m.to9 p.m.Monday to Friday and from9 a.m.to5 p.m.on Saturday and Sunday.

An application can be made by the elector, his or her spouse, a relative or a person who lives with the elector. Applications for entry must include two identification documents, one of which must mention the name and date of birth of the elector in question, and the other, his name and the address of his domicile.

Going toward the elector: the mobile revision

During the dates established for this purpose, mobile boards of revisors can go to certain communities, mainly in very large electoral divisions, as well as to certain residential facilities (heath facilities or private seniors’ homes). This revision will take place “automatically” or “upon request,” depending on the type of facility concerned. In the case where the mobile revision will be “upon request,” namely in hospital centres, rehabilitation centres, CHSLDs and private seniors’ homes with fewer than 50 residents,  this request must be submitted to the office of the returning officer by no later than this March 25.

Anyone wishing to obtain additional information on the revision of the list of electors or on any other question related to the April 7 general election is invited to consult the special “General Election” section of the Website of the Chief Electoral Officer at:, or to contact the Information Centre at the following numbers:

418 528-0422 –QuébecCityarea

1 888 ÉLECTION (1 888 353-2846) – outside theQuébecCityarea

418 646-0644 or 1 800 537-0644 – TDD


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