The Chief Electoral Officer of Québec reacts to an article published this morning in Le Soleil suggesting preparations for a future referendum

March 28, 2014

The Chief Electoral Officer of Québec Jacques Drouin wishes to set the record straight concerning an article that appeared this morning in the Le Soleil daily newspaper suggesting preparations by his agency for the holding of a referendum in the event of a majority victory by the Parti Québécois in the upcoming April 7 provincial election.

The Chief Electoral Officer finds it regrettable and hereby refutes the remarks made by one of its spokespersons. The Chief Electoral Officer has no plans or intention whatsoever of preparing for the holding of a referendum in a hypothetical future or according to any timetable whatsoever. Moreover, in the Chief Electoral Officer’s view, the Referendum Act will require major amendments before any such future undertaking.

The content of the article in question in no way reflects the intentions of the Chief Electoral Officer of Québec. The Chief Electoral Officer apologizes to electors and the population for any confusion such comments may have created.

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Categories : Provincial, DGE, General election 2014

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