Élections Québec publishes a regulation to ensure the smooth operation of the November 7, 2021, municipal elections

April 9, 2021

On March 25, 2021, the Assemblée nationale adopted the Act to facilitate the conduct of the 7 November 2021 municipal general election in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. This Act provides for some changes to the electoral process. In particular, it gives the Chief Electoral Officer the power to amend, by regulation, certain provisions of the Act respecting elections and referendums in municipalities as well as its regulations to facilitate the conduct of elections in light of the pandemic.

In this context, the Chief Electoral Officer is publishing today a draft regulation in the Gazette officielle du Québec. This draft regulation covers various aspects of the municipal general elections, from the number of signatures required for candidates to voting periods. Between now and April 19, the public and various stakeholders are invited to comment on this draft regulation. Their comments will be included when drafting the final regulation, which will be published in a future edition of the Gazette officielle du Québec.

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