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Election contributions

Every contribution must be accompanied by a slip in which the donor declares that the contribution:

  • is paid by himself or herself and out of his or her own property;
  • is made voluntarily;
  • is made without compensation and for no consideration;
  • has not and will not be reimbursed in any way.

As a candidate, you may collect funds in support of your candidacy. However, you must ensure that all funds are collected in compliance with the Act.

The key role of the official representative

The person serving as your official representative is responsible for collecting funds, in particular by soliciting contributions from electors, organizing political activities and fundraisers, and contracting loans. He or she will have to submit a financial return that meets the requirements of the Election Act.

If you wish to collect funds as a candidate, you must obtain a canvasser's certificate signed by your official representative.

Who can be an official representative or official agent?

Anyone who meets the requirements for voting can become an official representative or an official agent1. To assist these individuals in their duties, mandatory online training is available. Official representatives must take this training within 30 days of being appointed to the position, while official agents have 10 days to do so. Individuals who are both the official agent and representative of an authorized independent candidate also have 10 days to do so. As a candidate, you can take this course if you wish to familiarize yourself with the rules governing political funding and the control of election expenses.

Can you contribute to your own campaign?

Like all electors, you can remit to your official representative a maximum of $100 per year in contributions, as well as up to $100 of additional contributions during an election year. Your official representative must give you a contribution slip for every contribution you make.

In short, the official representative ...

  • solicits and collects contributions;
  • appoints canvassers;
  • ensures that contribution slips are filled out and that every donor signs a declaration;
  • ensures that all contributions meet the applicable rules;
  • collects revenue generated by political or fundraising activities;
  • contracts loans;
  • pays interest annually on all loans contracted;
  • produces the financial return and any additional financial reports required.

For more information on election contributions, visit the Funding Sources section of our website.

1 Unless this person is a candidate, party leader, election officer or an employee of an election officer.