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Election expenses

Any offence involving financing and the control of election expenses is subject to criminal prosecution and could result in fines and other penalties, including loss of the right to vote, to run for office or to sit in the National Assembly.

Whenever an expense is incurred to promote your candidacy, you must fulfil all requirements set out in the Act.

Election expenses are authorized and paid by the official agent

While the official representative is responsible for collecting funds, the official agent is responsible for authorizing and paying all election expenses. A single individual may hold both positions in a political party. In the case of an authorized independent candidate, both positions are always held by the same person.

If you are running under the banner of a political party, the official representative of the party or a party authority (meaning a party association at the level of an electoral division, a region or the province as a whole) will make an election fund available to your official agent. This fund is made up of sums collected pursuant to the Act and is used by the official agent to pay your election expenses. All election expenses must be paid out of the election fund. As a result, you cannot pay your election expenses yourself, except for certain personal expenses identified in the Act.

Limits on election expenses

The expenses that your official agent will incur during the election period are capped in accordance with the provisions of the Election Act. For more information, visit the Limits on Election Expenses page.

Reporting your election expenses

Within 90 days following polling day, your official agent is required to produce a report of your election expenses that meets the requirements set out in the Election Act (see the Returns to Produce section of our website). If you are an authorized independent candidate, your official agent and representative will also have to produce a financial report by the same date that states all your cash inflows.

Reimbursement of election expenses

Certain candidates will be entitled to a partial reimbursement of their election expenses. This applies to you if you are elected or if you receive at least 15% of the valid votes cast in your electoral division.

In short, the official agent ...

  • pays or authorizes all election expenses;
  • ensures that payment of election expenses is justified by an invoice and that a fair price is paid;
  • ensures that any advertisement specifies his or her name and role as an official agent, along with the printer's name;
  • ensures that the limit on election expenses is respected;
  • files a return of election expenses.

For more information on election expenses, visit the Election Expenses section of our website.