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Administrative entities linked to a postal code

Electoral map

Tool programmed in Excel format

This Excel file can be used to search the various administrative entities linked to a postal code (electoral divisions - municipalities - MRC – administrative regions). Instructions are included in the file.

This very compact tool can be used to conduct searches for a single item or in a batch or to extract postal codes by electoral division. It is intended for those working with office automation tools.

Raw data in text format

This tool is intended for database managers. It is much larger (more than 214,000 lines) and has no pre-programmed functions. It is mainly used to supply databases in which the search functions are already programmed.

The untreated data file includes all the information for each postal code, i.e.:

  • the postal code;
  • the electoral division (the code and name);
  • the municipality (the code, name and designation);
  • the RCM (the code and name);
  • the administrative region (the code and name);
  • the new electoral division (the code and name). These two columns will remain blank until those of the new electoral map are adopted.

The untreated data are transferred in the form of a delineated file (the delineator is the semicolon). The file includes a line of titles and each entry is found after the title line.


Reproduction or use of these search modules for non-commercial use is permitted provided the source is acknowledged. All use for commercial purposes is prohibited.

Current electoral map