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Verification of entry

See field: municipal, school board

At the beginning of the election period, we will send you a voter information card informing you of your registration. You must verify the data on this card. Remember that your name must be correctly entered on the list of electors if you want to vote.

The staff of our Information Centre can do this verification for you.

Is your name missing from the list?
Have you found an error?

During the election period, you may go to the revision office to make changes to the list of electors. A relative, your spouse or a person who lives with you can make an application on your behalf.

At the revision office, you must present a supporting document or supporting documents indicating your name, your date of birth and your address (for instance, a valid driver’s licence, a birth certificate, a health insurance card, a telephone bill, or an electricity bill).

Where is the revision office?

To find out the location, the dates and the hours of operation of your revision office, please consult the card sent by us.