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Elector or group

Elector or group

A “private intervenor” must be a qualified elector. It could also be a group that is not constituted into a legal person, made up of physical persons, the majority of whom are qualified electors. The physical persons of such a group work together toward a common goal.

Private intervenor - Group

When the private intervenor is a group, the members must designate a representative from the electors of the group.

Prohibition during the election period

A private intervenor cannot become a member of a political party during the election period.

How to obtain an authorization

To obtain an authorization, it is necessary to complete and submit the appropriate form that is available in the Forms section of our website.

Who grants the authorization

For a provincial election, the form must be submitted to the returning officer of the electoral division of the domicile of the elector who is making the application.