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Independent MNA

Application for authorization

A Member who becomes independent without having been elected as such must obtain an authorization to solicit or collect contributions, incur election expenses or contract loans. This authorization may be granted by the Chief Electoral Officer.

How to obtain an authorization

To make an application for authorization, an independent Member must complete the appropriate form and send it to the Chief Electoral Officer.

Please contact us to obtain the form.

Information required

A Member who becomes independent and who wishes to obtain an authorization must provide the following information:

  • 1° his name, the address of his domicile and his telephone number;
  • 2° the address to which communications intended for him should be sent;
  • 3° the address at which are kept the books and accounts related to the contributions that will be made to him and the expenses that he will incur;
  • 4° the name, address and telephone number of the official representative.

Rights and obligations of an independent Member

Once authorized, the Member who becomes independent and his official representative have the same rights and obligations as an independent candidate and his official representative regarding financing and election expenses.

A Member who becomes independent must make sure that the information concerning him is updated in the Register of authorized political entities of Québec (RAPEQ).

Expiry of the authorization

The authorization of a Member who becomes independent expires when he ceases to sit in the National Assembly as an independent Member, unless he runs again as an independent.