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If you have difficulties voting

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If you are unable to move about...

You are unable to move about and you are living in an establishment registered with the Ministry of Health and Social Services?

We offer you the possibility of registering on the list of electors, of making changes to your entry and of voting without having to move about. Simply make the request by telephone or in writing to your returning officer.

The returning officer will inform you of the day and the time when the election staff will visit you.

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Mobile polling stations

For facilities other than those referred to above, mobile polling is offered to people who are domiciled or residing there and who are unable to move about. These places are as follows:

  • residential and long-term care facilities as well as private residences for seniors that have less than 50 residents or that were not able to have a polling station set up in a common area;
  • rehabilitation centres;
  • hospitals.

Characteristics of mobile polling stations

  • This voting is conducted by the team made up of the deputy returning officer and the poll clerk who are responsible for the advance poll in the polling subdivision in which the facility concerned is found. The electors concerned must be entered on the list of electors of the facility.
  • The electors concerned have to apply to the returning officer. In spite of this period of entry, an elector who experiences difficulties moving about until recently can apply directly to the deputy returning officer while the mobile polling station is in the facility. He must, however, be entered on the list of electors.
  • Candidates' representatives are not admitted during mobile voting.