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Vote at home

If you are unable to move about for health reasons, you can vote at your domicile.

The family caregiver residing at the same address as the elector who is allowed to vote at home can also exercise their right to vote at the same time as the elector if they make the request. Only one caregiver is entitled to this right.


During an election period, you have to apply in writing to the returning officer to vote at your domicile. You have to attest that you are unable to move about for health reasons and get a witness to sign your declaration.

You can send your application by mail, by fax or through an electronic process that reproduces signatures.

If you are unable to sign your declaration, your spouse, a relative or someone who cohabits with you can do so on your behalf.

Your returning officer will inform you when the polling officer of the polling station will visit.

Are you correctly entered on the list of electors?

Important! You must be entered on the list of electors to be able to vote.

If you are eligible to vote at your domicile and you notice that you are not entered on the list of electors, you can make a request for the board of revisors to come to your home.

Voting by persons living in residential facilities

Note: If you are an elector living in an establishment registered with the Ministry of Health and Social Services, this measure does not apply to you.