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Voting of inmates

Voting right

During a general election, a by-election or a referendum, inmates at a federal or provincial correctional institution, along with youths remanded in custody or held in a youth custody facility, have the right to vote.

To be able to exercise one's right to vote, the person must be a qualified elector and be entered on the list of electors of the institution. To be entered on the list of electors, they must satisfy the following conditions on:

  • be at least 18 years old;
  • be a Canadian citizen;
  • be domiciled in Quebec for the past six months;
  • not be under curatorship;
  • not be deprived of their election rights;
  • be resident in the electoral division concerned by the by-election.

Available information

We send each warden the information document destined for the inmates, the Voter's Manual.

To exercise their right to vote, the inmates must register by completing a Personal application for entry on the list of electors.

Verification of entry on the list of electors

We determine the elector’s electoral division from the address indicated on the Personal application for entry on the list of electors.


We send to the warden of a house of detention a letter identifying each duly registered inmate and on which appears the name of the electoral division, and all the documentation required for exercising their vote by mail. The votes are returned to us.

Counting of votes

The votes are counted in the inmates' home electoral divisions.