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Non-compliant contributions claimed to political entities

Since June 10, 2016, the Chief Electoral Officer has the power to demand a political entity a contribution or part of a contribution for which it has strong evidence that it was done contrary to the electoral laws, regardless of the payment date of the contribution.

Previously, it did not have the right to claim such a contribution when five or more years had elapsed since the payment.

Here are some examples of contributions non-compliant to the electoral laws:

  • it has not been paid from the private property of the contributor (refund or exchange);
  • it was paid by a person who did not meet the criteria for being a voter;
  • it exceeded the annual limit laid down in the law for a contribution to a political entity.

In the interest of transparency to the public, electoral laws also provide that the Chief Electoral Officer makes public on his website, 30 days after the reception of the claim of contributions to a political entity, various information related to these contributions as of June 10, 2016. This information is contained in the tables below. The fact that the political entity has repaid or not is also shown.

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