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Reimbursement of election expenses

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Who is eligible for reimbursement?

After having examined the reports and returns of an authorized candidate, the director general of the school board will reimburse out of the general fund of the school board a portion of the election expenses incurred and paid in accordance with the Act respecting school elections:

  • to an elected candidate, or
  • to a candidate having obtained 15% or more of the votes cast during the election.

An authorized candidate is also entitled to a reimbursement when the election procedure must be resumed following the death of a candidate.

What is the amount of the reimbursement?

The amount of the reimbursement is set according to the rules established by government regulation. The regulation currently in force sets the reimbursement at:

  • an amount equal to 75% for the first $500 of election expenses;
  • an amount equal to 50% for the amount exceeding the first $500 of election expenses.