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School boards electoral list

Since the institution of the permanent list of electors (PLE) on June 1, 1997, the school boards have been required to use electoral lists extracted from the PLE.

Updating of the data of electors

For this purpose, updating mechanisms have been put in place. In September of each year, school boards send us the list of parents of children admitted to their educational services. Moreover, English-language school boards deliver, at the same time, the list of electors who, during the current year, have chosen to be registered on their list of electors.

Updating of the territory

In preparation for the general elections that are held every four years, each school board must describe its electoral territories. These descriptions are then incorporated in the register of territories of the PLE so that we can produce the list of electors by sector and by electoral division.

Production of the list of electors

For a by-election, the returning officer of the school board must make a written application for the list of electors of the electoral division concerned.

Updating of the PLE

Finally, when the list is revised, the changes are sent to us for incorporation in the PLE.