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Preserving democracy depends not only on knowledge of democratic values, but also on how we learn these values and the way we experience them in daily life.

We set up, in collaboration with our partners, democracy education programs that contribute to:

  • promote citizen participation, youths and adults, in democratic life;
  • improve the level and quality of involvement; and
  • stimulate the exercise of voting rights.

Through our programs, we offer various clienteles opportunities to live concrete democratic experiences.

Discover the advantages of our programs

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Vox populi : Ta démocratie à l'école!
(For the student councils in primary and secondary schools)

An initiative of Élections Québec, the National Assembly of Québec and the Fondation Jean-Charles-Bonenfant.

This program offers primary and secondary schools a way of operating the student council that encourages their participation in decisions affecting school life. Young people learn and put in practice democratic values such as freedom of expression, respect for the opinions of others, the art of compromise, representation and the right to vote.

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(Exclusive website intended for youth aged 17 and a half)

IT’S YOUR TURN is an exclusive website with videos, photos and illustrations intended for youth aged 17 and a half! Maria, Zach, Samuel and several others, all aged 16 to 18, discuss voting, politics and elections. Will you be turning 18 soon? Keep an eye on your mailbox because you’ll be receiving a unique access code delivered by the letter carrier! Have you already received your code? If so, then visit the IT’S YOUR TURN website. Now you can be more than just a spectator; you can actually take part in the movement!

Each year, over 80,000 young Quebecers obtain the right to vote. In 2018, youth aged 18–35 will make up one third of the electorate. Your future is in your hands—so now it’s your turn to shape the world we live in!

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Voters in training
(Election simulation for youth)

Voters in training is a free citizenship education program that introduces young people to voting rights, the exercising of these rights and the workings of our democratic institutions. There are three client groups:

  • Schools: primary school students (cycle 3 – grades 5 and 6) and secondary school students (academic and vocational streams).
  • Youth organizations: young people under 18 years of age outside the school system.
  • Polling stations: children who accompany their parents to polling stations during provincial elections.

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Behind the scenes of an election
(For secondary school youth)

This project of initiation to democratic life allows secondary school students to demystify the organization of a voting day, during a by-election in their electoral division, while raising awareness among them to the importance of citizen participation, including the exercise of the right to vote.

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Voting in Québec
(For newcomers and francization classes)

This program allows the clientele to become familiar with the Québec electoral system. It includes the organization of a workshop offered at no cost to the premises of the organization that requests it.

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Democracy at the college and university levels

To help Québec university and college students promote and facilitate the exercise of democracy in their schools, we have developed various reference materials, inspired by the Québec electoral legislation. The contents offered may then support students who wish to draft their own electoral regulations.

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If you organize elections in a context other than these programs, it is also possible to order the ballot boxes and booths (in French only).

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