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Tip line concerning political party financing

You wish to report a situation with regards to financing?

Contact us at 1-855-644-9529 or 418-644-9529

Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 12 p.m. and from 1p.m. until 4:30 p.m.

All information will be handled in such a way as to ensure complete confidentiality and security. Moreover, you may remain anonymous if you wish to do so.

What is a tip line?

It is a channel of communication through which to report - entirely confidentially - facts or situations having to do with the financing of political parties.

Why is there such a line?

Under the Election Act and the Act respecting elections and referendums in municipalities, we have powers of review, audit and investigation as regards the financing of political parties, at both the provincial and municipal levels.

Any information provided may be useful in carrying out this mandate.

What is meant by political financing?

Political financing encompasses, in particular, all rules pertaining to

  1. Financing (contributions, membership, loans, fundraising, allowances, reimbursement of research and secretarial expenses, etc.) and the current expenses of these political entities; and
  2. Election expenses related to an election.

Examples of situations that may be reported:

  • Your name was used to make a contribution for which you were reimbursed (the practice of contributing in another's name);
  • You witnessed an unreported electoral expense;
  • You witnessed a business or an organization cover an expense or financially assist a candidate or political party;
  • You witnessed that a sum of cash was given to an elected official or a political party.