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It's possible to vote at home . . .

If you are unable to move about for health reasons, you may be able to:

  • enter your name on the list of electors or change your entry at home;
  • vote in advance at home.

Simply submit your request to the returning officer in your electoral division. During elections, all details are on this page.

If you have a caregiver, he or she can also enter his or her name on the list of electors, change his or her entry and vote at home at the same time as you if he or she so requests and lives with you. Only one caregiver can exercise this right.

Are you registered on the list of electors?

If you wish to vote, your name must be entered on the list of electors at the address of your domicile. There are two easy ways to check whether that is the case:

Voting in your room or apartment

You can also vote in your room or apartment if you reside . . .