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For every dollar in contributions that political entities collect from voters, the state pays them $2.50

This type of public financing is referred to as “matching sums.” However, there is a maximum amount beyond which the state will not contribute any more funds.

Maximum amount paid by the state as matching sums
General election year Other year
Political party $500,000 $250,000
MNA and independent candidate $2,000 $2,000

Among other things, these sums are used to cover expenses related to :

  • day-to-day administration, such as renting office space;
  • dissemination of a political platform, such as putting a website online;
  • the coordination of political action undertaken by members or sympathizers, such as the annual congress;
  • election expenses, such as election signs.

In 2017, matching sums totalling approximately $1,130,000 were paid to political parties. These sums made up 7% of the annual revenue of the political parties represented in the National Assembly and approximately 27% of the annual revenue of other parties.

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