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2019-2023 strategic plans

2 April 2019

Categories: Institutional

Our strategic plans for 2019-2023 map out our way forward for the next four years. They stem from a reflection process involving various staff teams.

Élections Québec

Élections Québec is a neutral and independent institution tasked with ensuring the integrity, transparency and reliability of provincial elections while promoting Québec’s democratic values.

Over the next four years, our efforts will be focused on the following three areas:

  • Playing a leadership role with a view to boosting voter turnout and fostering Québec’s democratic culture.
  • Taking action to enhance the electoral process for the benefit of all provincial voters and stakeholders.
  • Ensuring a dynamic and engaging work environment.

Commission de la représentation électorale (CRE)

The Commission de la représentation électorale (CRE) is an independent institution tasked with drawing up Québec’s electoral map, as well as those used by municipalities and school boards, as required. The CRE seeks to promote civic consultation and to ensure fair and equitable representation.

Over the next four years, the CRE will be pursuing one overriding goal:

  • To ensure that provincial voters are represented fairly and equitably.

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