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Get involved

Participating in democratic life and running for office.

Running for office

Want to become a candidate to represent the interests of your community and help citizens exercise their rights? Here are the rules you need to follow in order to comply with provincial, municipal, and school election laws.

Making a contribution to a political party or candidate

Electors may make a contribution to a political entity or candidate in a provincial, municipal, or school board election if they follow certain rules.

Obtaining authorization to take part in the electoral debate

If you wish to express your preferences or opinions and these actions incur a cost, you must obtain authorization as a private intervenor.

Citizen round table

The Citizen round table is a space for reflection and discussion that aims to promote citizen participation and to contribute to our reflection on electoral matters.

Accessibility committee

The Accessibility committee is a non-partisan working group of an advisory nature. The committee is made up of Quebec electors who have personal or professional expertise on issues related to persons with disabilities and the exercising of the right to vote.

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