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Financing, expenses, and contributions

Matching sums paid out

In 2021, matching sums totalling $1,330,087.50 were paid to official representatives of political parties, independent MNAs and independent provincial candidates.

Limits on election expenses

For provincial elections, the Election Act stipulates that a candidate’s election expenses are limited. This limit is based on a maximum amount per elector in the electoral division in which they are running. Political parties are also subject to a limit on election expenses. This limit is based on a maximum amount per elector in all electoral divisions where that party has an official candidate. In municipal and school elections, the limit on election expenses is set according to a base amount that may be increased according to the number of people on the list of electors.

Financial reports of political entities

Provincial and municipal political parties and independent candidates must file financial reports each year.

Annual political financing report

The Election Act requires the Chief Electoral Officer to produce an annual report on political financing.

Research on contributors

Find information on contributors who made contributions to authorized political entities.

Non-compliant contributions claimed to political entities

The Chief Electoral Officer has had the power to claim a contribution (or a portion thereof) from a political entity if there is convincing evidence that the contribution in question contravenes electoral laws—regardless of the date on which it was made.

Summary of election expenses

All political entities authorized by the Chief Electoral Officer must account for their election expenses by filing reports. We publish a summary of the reports they provide.

Forms and guides

We provide forms, guides and guidelines on how to ensure compliance with the rules on political financing and the auditing of election expenses. These documents are intended for use by stakeholders involved in political financing, including candidates, official representatives, financial representatives, official agents, canvassers and private intervenors.

Allowances paid

From January 1 to December 31, 2021, allowances totalling $10,176,582.86 were paid to official representatives of provincial political parties.

Political financing activities during the COVID-19 pandemic

Health protocols have been established to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 during municipal and school board elections. Health guidelines, recommendations, and measures apply to political financing activities.

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