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Financing, expenses, and contributions

Allowances paid

Allowances paid to official representatives of provincial political parties.

Matching sums paid out

Matching sums are paid to official representatives of provincial political parties, as well as to independent candidates and independent MNAs.

Limits on election expenses

The number of electors determines the maximum amount of election expenses for each candidate in a provincial electoral district, municipality or English school board.

Financial reports of political entities

Provincial and municipal political parties and independent candidates must file financial reports each year.

Annual political financing report

The Election Act requires the Chief Electoral Officer to produce an annual report on political financing.

Research on contributors

Find information on contributors who made contributions to authorized political entities.

Making a contribution to a political party or candidate

Electors may make a contribution to a political entity or candidate in a provincial, municipal, or school board election if they follow certain rules.

Non-compliant contributions claimed to political entities

The Chief Electoral Officer has had the power to claim a contribution (or a portion thereof) from a political entity.

Summary of election expenses

All political entities authorized by the Chief Electoral Officer must account for their election expenses by filing reports. We publish a summary of the reports they provide.

Forms and guides

We provide forms, guides and guidelines on how to ensure compliance with the rules on political financing and the auditing of election expenses.

Other resources

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