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Our institution

Information about Élections Québec and what we do: our mission, our history, our administrative structure, our partners, and much more.

Mission, values, and mandates

Our institution is impartial and independent. Its mission is to ensure the integrity, transparency, and reliability of elections, and to contribute to the vitality of Québec democracy.

Chief Electoral Officer

A brief bio of Jean-François Blanchet.

Élections Québec’s history

The history of democracy in Québec has been punctuated by important moments since its first elections were held in 1792.

Commission de la représentation électorale

The mission of the Commission de la représentation électorale is to draw up the electoral map of Québec and, where necessary, those of the municipalities and school boards.

Permanent board of revisors of the list of electors

Established in October 1999, the Permanent board of revisors assists Élections Québec in updating the permanent list of electors.

Relations with Canada’s electoral administrations

In Canada, 14 election administrations are responsible for organizing and conducting elections.

International activities

Élections Québec carries out international cooperation activities to share Quebéc's electoral expertise with other countries and with international organizations dedicated to the promotion of democracy.

Réseau des compétences électorales francophones

The Réseau des compétences électorales francophones (Network of francophone electoral bodies) is an association of the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie that links more than 30 electoral management bodies who share best electoral practices.

Advisory committee

The advisory committee advises on all matters relating to the Election Act, except those relating to representation.

Training election officers

During provincial, municipal, and school elections, we provide training to election officers so that they can properly assume their roles and responsibilities under Québec’s provincial law.

The law and our responsibility

We have a various provincial, municipal and school elections.

Annual reports

This report outlines the results we achieved in relation to the objectives set out in our strategic plan.

Research, projects, studies, and surveys

Élections Québec applies its expertise to research in order to improve understanding of electoral issues, and contribute to the maintenance of Québec's democratic culture. The Election Act also gives us the power to conduct studies related to our mission. We also occasionally receive specific mandates from the Assemblée nationale.

Access to information and protection of personal information

We are subject to the Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information.

Privacy policy

Élections Québec’s privacy policy informs you about the personal information collected on its website describes the methods used to collect it, and how it is used.

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